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I had a few people ask what Carter Christian Academy is really like compared to
the public schools. I've worked in both so I feel like I have a pretty good idea of
the differences. At CCA, class sizes are much smaller, teachers are tying into the
standards for the state but taking learning much further, and I've never seen
people love their students so much. At CCA, I don't worry about the violence in
public schools, the kids are being taught from the Bible about how to live out
their lives in a Christ-like way, a serving other people way, and I've never felt so
encouraged in any other job in my life. It really is a ministry I love to be a part
of.  I'm thankful for God leading me to Carter Christian Academy.
Carter Christian Academy seeks to wed academic excellence with joyous and life-changing faith in Jesus Christ as
Savior and Lord of the world. We believe that God created this world in all its wonder, order and complexity. As parents
and teachers, we also take seriously the responsibility we have to educate our children about the laws God has given
to govern the universe.
At CCA our faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit does not, in any way, conflict with our desire to understand and be
good stewards of this wonderful world God has provided for us. Our faith and academic studies inform each other to
make both strong and vibrant. This combination produces students with outstanding Christian character that impacts
the world for good.
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