Carter Christian Academy has teamed up with FAST, an independent firm that focuses only on Financial
Aid for Private Schools.
FAST automates the process from start to finish so all information can be
uploaded, viewed electronically, and submitted all while being in the comfort of your home. Since the
application is electronic, there is no fussing with paper copies, post office runs, or losing important

While the application process is extremely user-friendly,
FAST also provides a User Guide and help
bubbles for each question within the application itself for added support.Their Help center is open 24
hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you have any questions while completing the application
process, please call
1-877-326-FAST (3278), and you will be walked through the process without any

How Financial Aid Works:
A certain amount of Financial Aid Dollars, Tuition Assistance, and Scholarships are set aside before the
school year begins. Those dollars are separate from other line items in the budget and vary from year to
year. This amount will change based on enrollment.

Families that apply will be placed into the system electronically with all tax forms verified prior to the school
receiving the applications. Once all paperwork is fully submitted, the school will receive the information to
view. After the deadline to submit applications has passed, a committee will view financial information for
each family that has requested Financial Aid and awards will be given
based on income. All families will be
determined solely based upon income or extenuating Financial circumstances and no other criteria.

Once a family has been chosen for a Financial Award, a letter will be sent outlining the Award, tuition
schedule, and the deadline date the parent must accept the Award by before others would be considered.
The parent must sign the Award letter, submit it to the Administration Office, and register for the upcoming
school year.

Before You Apply:
Families may apply by clicking on the FAST logo above, once you have applied and have been accepted
to CCA
. Please have your past year's tax returns, any Financial forms needed to verify your income
(including, but not limited to child support verification, rental property income, tithe receipts, etc.). The
system does allow you to save your progress if you find you don't have everything you need to apply.

All completed Financial Aid applications must be submitted prior to April 18, 2016. No forms will be
accepted after that time.  Families who receive Awards must have their signed statement and be registered
for the upcoming school year no later than
May 19, 2016. The Registration Fee, signed Award Letter,
signed Commitments (Statement of Faith, Parent Pledge of Acceptance, Standard of Conduct, Media
Consent Form, and Student Computer Policy) are all due by May 19th.
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